Everybody needs a short best friend…

Couldn’t ask for a better best friend than my little Nic. She literally brightens up my day and now that I’ve left for university again I feel like I’ve lost a really important limb that I’m struggling to live without. Even though I have only known her for a short time that doesn’t question how grateful I am to call her my best friend. I know that whenever I’m feeling down and lonely that she will always be there to cheer me up in a matter of seconds. We have the same love for food which is always good when you fancy a trip to the pub for a chicken club burger (unless you’re Nicole then you’ll have a plain burger with no salad or sauce). At times you could question our friendship with the amount of abuse we throw at each other. I know were going to be friends for a long time because she literally means everything to me and I wouldn’t replace her for anything. Love you Prinny x



First year at University!

Well I don’t know how but it seems as though I have been at university for a year (if you minus half terms, a holiday to Malaga and most weekends spent at home) but that doesn’t count! A year? How? When did that happen? But what can I say my experience has had its moments, good and bad but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

At first I was worried about who I was going to be living with for the year but my gosh, I landed the ‘lad’ flat. My boys are lovely, they each have their own traits that make them so incredibly funny and caring. The start of fresher’s was great, meeting new friends and creating a little family with flat two of our house, Rob being the mystery flat mate who moved in late on the Sunday and has never been able to escape that, but these genuinely are some of the nicest people I have ever met. The first night was strange but fun, going out for the first time with new people who I had just met that day, however that was the night I met somebody who is now my very best friend and room pet, Meg. After piggybacking Sam back to his room after he had had too much to drink, we became friends and I haven’t been able to get rid of her since (joking – I love her really), she spent the next two weeks living in our flat with daily trips to the OneStop to buy alcohol and ‘food’ for the next nights antics and of course to enjoy the delightful song selections they would play. From bright green drinks to strawberry daiquiri slushies, bar crawls to UV parties fresher’s was a week to remember, so many memories were made.

After fresher’s it was time to concentrate on studying (sort of) although we did still manage a few nights out a week (not forgetting the ‘interesting’ nightclub that is Snobs!) discovering new places to go out was one of our favourites however we learnt that you should never trust a door ticket seller … ‘yes go in there’s loads of people, busiest its ever been’ .. your first reaction is yes great, new place, new people, but when you actually walk in and find you’re the only ones who bought tickets, what do you do? Well you order three vodka and cokes for £3.80, you take advantage of the empty dancefloor and of course you get next request songs from the DJ, (no having to push your chest out a little further to get their attention). That was probably one of my favourite nights out at university, only because we remember this night as being ‘eventful’.

Throughout the year so many memories have been made, finding out deep secrets from a game of ‘I have never’, trying to squeeze an egg without breaking it but instead cracking it and covering everybody in egg, getting too drunk that you don’t remember where you are, playing a game of jenga with the empty microwave meal trays from an overflowing bin, creating kitchen floor cinemas and barbeques, discovering the wonders of mindsweeping and gaining so much strength you accidentally break the car barrier, ooops. There has never been a dull moment and it doesn’t stop there because I decided to rent a house with these amazing people for my second year! I know that there are going to be so many good times shared next year, nevertheless my time at university wouldn’t be the same without my flat seven family!


Weekend break in Malaga ☀

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What a better way to get away for a weekend and have nothing to worry about other than trying not to get sunburn whilst tanning on the beach (but we did). This weekend with my little chica was my favourite, enjoying ice cream in the sun, sunbathing by the pool and rubbing it in to everybody at home – bliss! I remember lying on the beach staring into the blue skies knowing in a couple of days I had to fly back to the ‘lovely’ Perry Barr, what a lovely place. Wish I could go back and do it all over again, I need more sunshine ☀✈